Basic Ergon


Dr.Konstantinos Fousekis, Pt, MSc, PhD (en collega’s)


Haven West 9
7731 GS Ommen


Vrijdag 23 en zaterdag 24 september 2022, reserveer vandaag nog.
Lesdag 1: 09.00-17.00 uur
Lesdag 2: 09.00-15.00 uur

Jouw investering:

€ 595,- per persoon
Inclusief water/koffie/thee, exclusief btw.
Je mag jouw eigen lunch meenemen. Verse soep wordt verzorgd.

Neuromusculair triggerpointtherapeuten, fysiotherapeuten, Hbo-opgeleide masseurs, therapeuten werkzaam met de fascia.

Vooropleiding op minimaal Hbo-niveau en ruime praktijkervaring.

Omvang en resultaat:
2 lesdagen (0,5 EC).
Je ontvangt na afloop het (internationale) diploma Ergon Therapie – advanced.


Dit seminar wordt in het Engels verzorgd. De ERGON-hulpmiddelen kunnen met korting worden aangeschaft.

“The primary aim of Basic Ergon ® seminar is the theoretical and practical education and training of participants in the innovative techniques of ERGON®Instrument-assisted soft tissue treatment. The largest part of the Seminar concerns the guided application of ERGON® techniques in all anatomical structures (based on the fascial meridians of the body) and for all common musculoskeletal injuries.”

“The purpose of BASIC ERGON® training seminar is to introduce specific IASTM techniques to Health Scientists/Physiotherapists and to train them in the basic application of ERGON TECHNIQUE® in the entire human body. In the framework of the BASIC ERGON® seminar, trainees will be taught basic techniques of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, and there will afterwards be an extensive practical lesson on their specialized use in a) fascial meridians and areas of the body in general presenting findings indicating myofascial afflictions, and b) in the treatment (ERGON® treatment) of the most common musculoskeletal disorders. ERGON techniques are superior to other IASTM techniques, since they combine static and dynamic applications, aiming at the quicker recovery of the patient’s functional capacity.”

Through the soft tissue techniques of ERGON® TECHNIQUE, the therapist will gain the ability to effectively:

  • Assesspotentialfascial dysfunctions,
  • Approach ,in a therapeutic manner, areas that can not be easily reached by human fingers,
  • Intervene on stiff tissue,
  • Restore the joints range of motion within the space of a few treatment sessions,
  • Produce controlled and targeted re-injury in cases of overuse injuries (tendinopathy –injuries due to overuse),
  • Accelerate tissue healing by activating fibroblasts,
  • Treat the majority of musculoskeletal and sports injuries,
  • Apply functional rehabilitation techniques,
  • Apply combined techniques (ERGON ®TECHNIQUE and kinesiotherapy)


Afgestudeerde fysiotherapeuten, Neuromusculair Triggerpointtherapeuten, (sport-)massagetherapeuten, diverse andere Hbo-niveau opgeleide therapeuten die werkzaam zijn met het fascia.

Over de voorwaarden voor deelname aan dit seminar zegt dr. Fousekis

Candidates desiring to participate in BASIC ERGON® training seminar are required to have:

  • Theoretical knowledge of the anatomy and kinesiology of the human body;
  • A Health Science bachelor of Science (noot Prevenzis: of een opleiding op hbo-niveau);
  • Any prior experience in soft tissue mobilization techniques will be helpful for better understating the seminar.

“The duration of the basic training program BASIC ERGON® is 13 hours, divided into 2 days. Trainees will have to be in the location of the seminar 30 minutes prior to its commencement so they can register their participation to the seminar.”.

Met andere woorden: de seminars duren elk 2 aaneengesloten dagen en deelnemers dienen 30 minuten voor aanvang aanwezig te zijn.

“In order to achieve optimal understanding and clinical application of ERGON® Techniques, the maximum number of participants will be 20 individuals. There will be two ERGON®Clinical Instructors, one acting as basic instructor, and the other as assistant instructor. Theory presentations will be done with the aid of PowerPoint and videos. At the end of the theoretical course, there will be a practical application of techniques up to the point where participants can perform them without flaws. Trainees will be provided with full equipment (ERGON® tools) for performing the techniques, as well as for their overall participation in the Seminar.

Furthermore, all participants will receive teaching material that will include videos, images and texts, which they can consult for any questions past the completion of the seminar. At the end of the seminar, participants will be evaluated through a short oral or written examination.”

Met andere woorden: het is niet zo maar een leuke bijeenkomst; het seminar wordt afgesloten met een korte mondelinge of schriftelijke toets.