Konstantinos Fousekis

Associate Professor in Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy Dept – Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece
Dr. Kostantinos Fousekis is a physiotherapist with a specialization in soft tissue mobilization techniques and Sports Physiotherapy. He is Assistant Professor of Sports Physiotherapy of the Department of Physiotherapy of Technological Education Institute of Western Greece teaching Sports Physiotherapy and Advanced Soft-Tissue Techniques.                                                                                                                      
He has a long experience in rehabilitation of musculoskeletal and sports injuries and is a professional physiotherapist of many professional athletes.                                                                                                       
In collaboration with Konstantinos Mylonas developed older IASTM techniques and created the ERGON IASTM Technique as the basic treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. Since then he is the Educational Director of  ERGON IASTM Technique responsible for the ERGON IASTM educational system and courses worldwide. He has participated in many research studies with the focus on a) sports injuries prevention-rehabilitation and b) evaluation of the effects of ERGON IASTM techniques in myofascial pathologies. Current research interests include the study of the fascial system and its interaction with human body pathologies. Dr. Kostantinos Fousekis is a  highly motivated, confident individual with exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills in both Seminars presentations and patients rehabilitation. He can communicate effectively and sensitively with his students and patients to ensure understanding of often complex clinical issues regarding IASTM applications and to maximize the rehabilitation of his patients.
BSc in Sports Science (1995) – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens
BSc in Physiotherapy (1998) – Charles University of Prague – Czech Republic
Master of Medical Science  (M?edSci) in Sports Medicine (1999) – University of Galsgow (Faculty of Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Glasgow).Master Thesis:«A study into the epidemiology of soccer injuries; a clinical attachment to Clyde Football Club»
PhD in Sports Physiotherapy (2011) – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. PhD Thesis: «Multivariate analysis of functional literalities, myodynamic asymmetries and injuries at the lower extremities of professional soccer players».      
Certified Physiotherapist form 1998.
PHYSIOTHERAPIST June 1999 – Present         
Provide physiotherapy and treatment for soccer players. Responsible for managing a field injuries, providing physiotherapy assessment and treatment to the highest standard.   

Physiotherapy Private Practise                                                                                                                                                  
PHYSIOTHERAPIST March 2003 – Present                                                                                                    
Provide physiotherapy and treatment for all kind of musculoskeletal injuries and pathologies.
TEI of WESTERN GREECE-Physiotherapy Dept
Associate Professor in Physiotherapy 2003-Present  

Visiting Professor in Physical Therapy –European University of Cyprus Nicosia
Teaching Advanced Shoft-Tissue Techniques and Advanced Sports Physiotherapy at the MSc in Sports Physiotherapy of EUC,  

IASTM Seminars/Courses
Educational Director -Master Trainer of ERGON IASTM Technique 2015-Present

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