Advanced ERGON Seminar


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More to the point, trainees in the Advanced Ergon® SEMINAR will expand their knowledge in the following subjects:

Development of assessment skills for soft tissue dysfunctions
Introduction of movement patterns combined with Basic and Advanced Ergon® strokes,
Discussion between trainees on the subject of particular patient cases where they applied Ergon® IASTM techniques in the period past the completion of the basic seminar,
Integration of exercises with resistance, stretching and neuromuscular control exercises, with simultaneous use of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization techniques,
Integration of techniques combined with other means of physiotherapy (bosu trainer®, TRX, balance disc, etc.) during the functional stage of rehabilitation,
Discussion of selected case studies featuring application of IASTM techniques,
Discussion of recent findings of worldwide literature on IASTM techniques.

Teaching Method

This seminar will apply various forms of teaching, in order to ensure the achievement of its aims. These forms of teaching will include viewing of PowerPoint – videos, detailed demonstration of techniques and strokes and their practical application. The number of participants will be no greater than 24 individuals. Present in the seminar will be 2 instructors, for the purpose of directly addressing any issues and questions asked by trainees. In additions, participants will be provided with printed material, including videos, images and texts, which they can consult in order to resolve any likely questions after the conclusion of the seminar.